Take-aways from #QBConnect 2018

#TeamTaxGo had a blast at #QBConnect 2018. Despite the #beastfromtheeast trying its absolute best to keep everyone at home, entrepreneurs and small business owners travelled from near and far to hear some inspirational keynotes and workshops. Amy, ‘Head of Getting Things Done’ @taxgoapp, shares some of her top take-aways from this years event at Printworks, London. 


Sasan Goodarzi 

EVP and GM - Intuit

Your business partner just might end up being your competition one day soon… so to thrive in the world of small business; make smart connections and smart partnerships with the right people. Engage with the competition and let it drive you forwards as an entrepreneur. We are in the people business, keep creating smart connections. #QBConnect 2018

“THE Currency is Creativity”

Jo Malone 

Creative Director - Jo LOVES

Creativity is looking at life through different coloured lenses and not being restricted by normal boundaries. What if snow was scented? What if you could paint on your perfume rather than spray? The three pillars that should encompass your mindset as an entrepreneur are passion, resilience and creativity. 

“There’s no substitution for hard work”

Gary Neville 

Former Man United footballer - now esteemed business man

You won’t have regret in life if you have worked your hardest. Wrong decisions will always be made, opportunities will always be missed, but you can only accept blame if you didn’t give it your all. Integrity and hard work are characteristics that can be transferred from the football changing room to the business board room, and at the end of the day it’s what you stand up for, not what you stand for, that counts. 

“If you’re hungry enough, you’ll become talented”

Holly Tucker MBE

Founder - Not on the High Street

The difference between being well-known in your field and becoming an expert in your field is down to how hungry you are to become the master. Entrepreneurs need to be talented in their area of expertise, because as much as you believe in something it doesn’t always go according to plan. Listen, learn and love what you do, how do you think the people at the top got there? 

Huge thank you to the whole team @QuickBooksUK for hosting such a cool event - in more ways than one. Who knew accountant conferences could be such fun?! 

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