Not all recruitment managed services are bad!

Do you supply recruitment services via an MSP provider? We all know the type. Low margins, no feedback on CVs, no access to the end client, all communication with the MSP via email or using their technology platform. And irritatingly, hundreds of jobs emailed to you each week that you know you would have a better chance of filling; if only you could engage the client directly.

Sound familiar?

Not all managed service providers are the same, but with over 20 years in recruitment I hear the same issues from recruitment agencies all the time.

So, why not develop and set up your own MSP solution?

No longer are they missing out on clients or bid opportunities because they cannot deliver the solution. They now have an embedded client relationship that enables higher fulfilment rates in quicker times.

If you are considering moving into the managed service arena here are my top tips to consider.

1.    Ignore the existing MSP models. You use them and probably don’t like them. Clients and even sectors are looking at innovation (I know clichéd) but think of how you can separate yourself from everyone else.

2.    Do not think MSPs are only for the larger recruiters. I’ve set them up and won business for SME’s with less than £300k turnover.

3.    How many clients do you have with an existing MSP in place? These are clients to target so you know there is a business need. Ask them what they don’t like and use to counter in your own solution.

4.    If you do not have the in-house experience then do not be afraid to seek outside assistance. This is especially so for technology solutions.

5.    Do not underestimate the time needed to develop the solution. However, it is worth it.


Bids and Tenders Consultancy have 20 years’ experience devising and developing MSP solutions for clients. From master vendor, neutral vendor and hybrid solutions. And then taking that solution to market through bids, tenders and presentations, winning new clients for recruitment companies.

Enquire today for an informal chat to review your existing MSP solution or what you need to start your own recruitment MSP. Some recent first MSP wins for clients include: Future Cities Catapult, Gloucestershire Hospital, YPO, MSTAR2, SUPC and Salisbury Hospital.

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