5 Tips to Cosy up the Office for Winter

Days are drawing in, the mercury is dropping, but office life in the winter needn’t be bleak. Be the colleague that warms up the soul, turns up the cosy level and cranks up overall productivity by reading our 5 top tips.

Tip #1: Brew up a delight

Nothing warms the soul like a good old cuppa. But if you’re bored of the same old teabags and instant coffee, it might be time to get snazzy with your catering supplies.

It will only cost a few extra pennies, but giving your team a heart-warming selection of premium beverages will boost morale way before the ice melts. These days, luxury coffee machines like Keurig, Nespresso and Tassimo can be bought for less than £100.

Bonus tip: treat sweet-toothed colleagues to Aero hot chocolate and win their devotion forever.

Tip #2: Think hygge and brighten up

When it comes to snug lighting, Scandinavians know best. The key is to maxmimise the most of natural light whilst adding a splash of warmth with your very own desktop lamp.

It might sound OTT, but when the average employee spends 8 hours a day at a single workstation, it’s worth the effort. Getting away from that fluorescent lighting can really brighten the office mood.

Bonus tip: check out Activita’s Daylight lamps which boost vitamin D and mood all year round.

Tip #3: Create a snug breakout area

Sometimes, all it takes to brighten the mood is a change of scenery. If you want to be the kind of office manager that employees adore, paying attention to the details counts.

Tip number 3 says transform your break out area into a cosy snug where employees can relax during breaks and meetings. Simply throw together a few cushions and blankets with warm lighting, magazines and colourful plants and you’re ready to put your feet up and bathe in the warm glow of praise.

Bonus tip: Add some microwaveable neck warmers to help colleagues warm up and remove everyday strains

Tip #4: Winter-proof your reception

When the snow and slush arrive, they invariably make their way into the office. Preparing your reception for the additional bulk that comes with the colder months will help to keep the floors clean and clear.

The trick is to encourage employees to leave coats and heavy footwear in the reception. A simple sign, coat stand, brolly rack and shoe storage is all you need. Follow this up with a 10am once over with a mop to keep the halls shining.

Bonus tip: Keep a basket handy for the season’s essentials, such as scarves, earmuffs, gloves and brollies.

Tip #5: Bring colour to the workstation

If winter was a colour, it would be grey. Brighten up the office mood by introducing a range of bright and cheerful desktop products.

Opt for colourful pen holders, filers and desk top organisers like the Acco range. You can even get matching staplers, hole-punches, drawing pins and more. Whilst you’re at it, encourage employees to bring along a few home comforts, such as pictures, plants and other decorative objects.

Bonus tip: boost morale with a competition to see who owns the brightest desk.

Need some more advice? We’ve plenty more top tips and top products in store. Get in touch today or check out our online shop here to cosy up your workplace today.

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