3 Ways to Make Your Workspace a More Productive Place To Be

It’s 3pm and your eyes are starting to droop. You’re losing focus and beginning to count down the minutes until home time. Sound familiar? We’re all guilty of letting productivity drop from time to time, but it’s not all our fault. Sometimes, changing your working environment and patterns can do wonders for your motivation.

In this blog, we've highlighted some of the best ways in which you can easily create a space that’s not just great to work in, but is great for your work, too.

Tip #1: Do some desk feng shui

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy of arranging objects to create harmony and balance in the home – and in the office. Whether or not you believe it works, there is research behind the benefits of keeping your desk organised. Having a clean, ordered desk will not only save you the stress of finding lost items amongst the clutter, but will also give you control over your workspace, helping you to focus.

Bonus tip: invest in a desk organiser or in-trays like these from Avery to keep important documents in their place.

Tip #2: Light and space

Plenty of natural light and space around your desk is a sure-fire way to boost productivity and put you in a great frame of mind. Unfortunately, not everyone has control over their light levels, especially office workers. There are ways around this, however: daylight lamps use LED bulbs to mimic sunlight, particularly useful for those who see their productivity drop in the darker months.

Bonus tip: these Activita daylight lamps are perfect to boost your concentration levels.

Tip #3: Shake up your workspace

No one is chained to their desk, even though sometimes it may feel that way. Keeping things fresh and varying where you work is a great way to keep your mind stimulated and your body active. You could try taking a phone call outside in sunny weather, or editing that report on the sofa instead. Whatever you do, switching between sitting and standing is a great way to improve your posture and give yourself options when work gets heavy.

Bonus tip: transform your existing desk into a sit/stand one with these readymade workstations

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