Social Media - are you making the most of it?

Does this question ring a bell with you? Did you start out with the best of intentions, lots of enthusiasm, but you are not really sure what you are doing and whether it is doing you any good? Well rest assured you are not on your own.

The good news is that are some really easy to access tools and indicators that will help you tell you whether or not you are making the most of social media. Firstly, are you keeping track of the growth (or decline) in followers or likes. If your followers are going up, it is a positive indicator that you are probably doing something right, although crucially the followers must be relevant. If for example you are a recruitment agency specialising in construction, operating in Croydon, check that the new followers are either in the construction field or at least in the local area. You can increase the chances of this by posting content that is likely to be of interest to these.

Next up - are you using and looking at Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a free piece of code that the company that built your website should have added to your website when they built it. It is a mine of useful information about how many people are visiting your website, how they are getting to it in the first place, where they go on the site, how long they spend on it and much, much more. First check that it is on the site and if it is not get it added as soon as possible - it can only start tracking from the point it is added. If it is on the site - do you have access? From the acquisition section of Google Analytics it will tell you where your traffic is coming from over any given period. It will be a mix of search (Google, Bing), direct (where they key in your email address), referral (where they find you on another site), social (social media) and email or adwords if you use these. As a rough rule of thumb you should aim for between 5% and 15% of your traffic coming via social.

Are you posting enough? We regularly get asked the question what is enough? It is a tough one to answer as this will depend on so many factors e.g. the extent of competition, how many people your followers typically follow. A good starting point though would be a minimum of at least 3 posts a day. They say for example that the average tweet has an "after life" of about one and a half hours, where if it is not read within an hour and a half of when you post, the chances it won't be. In other words if say you only post once a day, your are probably only reaching a fraction of the potential audience you could reach.

Content is usually the biggest obstacle to frequency. So where can you find content? Every new job you post on your website is of course good content to link to. Bear in mind though the importance of having a balance of content - if you just post vacancies you may well find that you will lose followers because you are being overly promotional. We would usually suggest having 1 in 4 of your posts being ones that link back to your site. If you write a blog like this one, you could probably get at least 3 posts out of a blog taking different stances or elements. You could also post about the blog on different platforms e,g, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

Probably the richest vein of content and a great way of reinforcing your knowledge of a sector or area is google news alerts and the great thing is they are free (who said there was not such thing as a free lunch!). First search for a topic. So using our example firm from early you might search Google for say "Construction news, Greater London". When the search results appear, from the options above the results like video, images, shopping, maps, news - click on news. Scroll down the page and there will be a button Create Alert. Click on this and if you have ever used a Google product like Gmail, your alert will be set up. If you have never set used a google product, you will be asked to set up an account, which is free and easy to do. Once done, you will get an email of fresh news stories that fit your search term on any days that google can find content. Initially set up say 8 or 10 relevant google news alerts and look at the stories to see which you might share on your social media.

When it comes to content also don't forget to follow your clients, so that when firms you work for post news of say awards or other achievements you can like, retweet or congratulate them. Great content, brownie points with the client and they may well retweet your congratulations - getting you in front of their audience.

Our final tip for now, is to make sure you use the analytics that the social media offer. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin, they all offer their own form of analytics that will show you the reach and impact of each post. This is a great pointer to show you what content you are putting out is having the best impact, so that you can do more of those and less of those that don't work so well.

We hope this has been helpful and that you find it improves your activity and your understanding of how well you are doing on social media. As proud partners of the Recruitment Growth Network, Prestbury Marketing are always on hand for any help you need with any aspect of your marketing.

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